Rectus Femoris Intramuscular Degloving Injury

muscle thigh Apr 11, 2024

The rectus femoris has a double tendinous origin with the direct head originating from the AIIS and the indirect head from the superolateral aspect of the acetabulum. The direct head blends with the anterior aponeurosis and its peripheral unipennate muscle while the indirect head continues as the rectus femoris central tendon and its associated bipennate muscle. This gives a unique muscle within muscle anatomy.

Due to this unique anatomy, we can have an intramuscular degloving injury where there is a circumferential tear through the outer fibres of the central bipennate muscle, separating it from the peripheral unipennate muscle.

Intramuscular Degloving Injuries to the Rectus Femoris: Findings at MRI

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