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Upper Limb Nerves

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  • Structured lectures detailing the clinical and sonographic assessment of nerve entrapments and compression syndromes

  • Live didactic scanning

  • Live Q&A with leading sonographers


Daniel Walkley and Matthew Gourlay will comprehensively detail the sonographic anatomy and pathologies relating to upper limb nerve entrapments, fascial pinch points and neuralgic amyotrophy.

Topics covered include:

  • Brachial plexus ultrasound assessment - suprascapular nerve tracking and intervention
  • Common pathologies of the radial, ulnar and median nerves around the elbow, forearm and wrist
  • Anterior interosseous nerve assessment
  • Cubital and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Evidence based assessment criteria and measurement cut-offs
  • Ultrasound guided interventional techniques

This is a recording of one of our live flagship events. You can still ask questions and have them answered by our team by submitting questions on our viewing platform.

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We detail how we go about nerve sonographic assessment, clinical pattern recognition, along with what we look for and the techniques we use to reach the right diagnosis for the patient. Additionally, the inclusion of ultrasound guided interventional techniques makes for an all-encompassing webinar on upper limb neural assessment.


Our flagship webinars create a new standard in online ultrasound education.

Structured lecture content, didactic scanning sessions with live Q&A.

Join us as we expand and simplify the sonographic assessment of upper limb nerve entrapments.

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RANZCR and ASAR CPD points are available for attendance of this clinical webinar with 2.5 hours of educational content equating to 2.5 CPD points.

Those of you who have attended our events in-person will know our clinically driven, practical approach. Whether a beginner or advanced ultrasound clinician, you will develop new knowledge and skills to enhance your clinical practice.



Clinical Content:

  • The brachial plexus and it's branches
  • Suprascapular nerve and common interventional techniques
  • Assessment of the radial, median, ulnar and musculocutaneous nerves around the elbow, forearm and wrist
  • Identification of common compression syndromes, potential anatomical variants and fascial pinch points
  • Sonographic assessment of neuralgic amyotrophy
  • Up to date evidence on the latest interventional techniques for upper limb nerves

Sonographic Assessment

  • Review normal anatomy and target common nerve entrapment points
  • Develop skills for sonographic nerve identification and assessment
  • Recognise common pathologies and anatomical variants encountered
  • Develop skills to confidently perform neural sonographic assessment and quickly reach the correct diagnosis

Additional Information

This is a recording of our Live Flagship Webinar. Please note: Live Q&A is only available during the event. However, you may still ask questions and have them answered by our team by submitting questions on our viewing platform.

  • You will have on-demand access to recordings for 60-days post registration.
  • CPD Certificates are emailed after competing the content.
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"What a great way to spend a few hours. The information was excellent. Great images and the guys are so generous with their time ensuring everyone's questions were answered. Highly recommend anything from MSK Australia."

"MSK Australia are without doubt leading the way in advanced and practical based MSK sonography education. The content is always clinically relevant and brilliantly presented. It was like being in the front row! No one to dodge around and no distractions."

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"Incredibly informative, great way to learn and I picked up key insights and understandings that will improve both my technique and outcomes for my patients."

  • Full high definition, high frame rate recordings.
  • Multiple cameras and camera angles.
  • Know where the probe is and what position is used to obtain the image.
  • Advance your knowledge and ultrasound skillset to enhance your clinical practice.


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